My photo-savers

The fleeting moments which I was fortunate enough to capture would have been impossible if I did not have the respective gear with me at the specific moment in time when I did manage to capture the moment - the photographs which I am fortunate to share with you via this website. I would like to share with you the tools that made it possible - tools that helped me render my imagination and reality into a photograph.
Quoting photographer, entrepreneur, Chase Jarvis who has a book titled - “The best camera is the one that is with you.” - I surely concur with the philosophy behind these words. I tried making some photographs with the equipment was with me - mostly mobile phones and my pocket-rocket camera, the Sony RX-100 Mark One. As you will notice, I have till date mainly used mobile phones for venturing ever deeper into street photography genre. The portability, the inconspicuousness, the simplicity with which one can capture any moment with mobile phones these days is plain wondrous especially if you happen see it from a technological point of view whilst comparing the devices used to make photographs five decades ago. Today it would not be surprising for you if you happen to come across bountiful genial photography works captured on mobile phones. Read this article featured on CNN about a pro-photographer known as Julian Calverly who chooses to shoot only with an iPhone and as a matter of fact - there are now innumerable mobile photographers out there who are enthralling viewers with their brilliant work. This is not to say that mobile photography is or shall ingest the DSLR, Mirrorless or any other camera format with which people wholeheartedly shall forever keep making photographs, but yes, mobile photography has brought forth of what is possible with what is regularly available - and I believe, in time, with imperative advancements in the mobile phone image sensor technology - the love for mobile photography and thence the exposure to Photography in general shall swell rampantly.

Without further ado, below are - as I would like to call them - the ‘photo-savers’ - and in citing the words of photography legend - Sir Henri Cartier Bresson - the tools that have proven to be an extension of my eye.


Samsung C322

A simple qwerty housing a 1.3 megapixel camera. This is the phone - the camera with which I actively, yet relaxing so, started pursuing photography back in 2011. It was my photography kick-starter.

Blackberry 8520.jpg

Blackberry 8520

The first photograph from the images I have posted on the website - name “Too closed to understand”, and a few more were taken with this phone housing a decent quality 2.0 megapixel camera. I enjoyed making some pictures with this phone. I still would love to shoot with it if the opportunity so arises.

lumia 920.jpg

Nokia Lumia 920

Three of my dear colleagues from my office got this phone after hearing all praises about it - especially after seeing the spectacular images this phone’s 8.0 mega pixel f2.0 camera would capture. I believe that this phone’s camera was ahead of its time. Till date I mentally compare the IQ from my existing phone with this phone. By this time I really started experimenting with the pro-features that the camera came with - wherein you had control over the specificity of every aspect - ISO, Shutter speed, etc. I had memorable times with this phone.


Sony RX-100 Mark One

This was the first, proper enthusiast level camera that I still have in my arsenal since 2015. A technological feat achieved by Sony back then - with its dazzling Zeiss 28-100mm equivalent f1.8 optics. For a company to put a 1-inch sensor in such a small body is an engineering feat in itself. I believe in the compact form factor cameras - Sony’s RX series shall always remain a favorite for many photographers and photography enthusiasts.


Blackberry Passport

I have never used a phone this special - in terms of build quality, uniqueness and drool-factor - nothing came close to the Passport. Irrespective of the quality of the image its 13.0 megapixel f2.0 camera was able to produce, it was more fun shooting with this square-shaped odd marvel. Rain, lack of any weather sealing and my lethargy became the undoing of this phone.

LG G6.jpg


My current phone - sheltering a beautiful dual camera setup - a standard lens with a elegant 13 megapixel f1.8 and - a ultra-wide angel, again a 13 megapixel f2.4 lens setup. I had the opportunity to make some interesting photographs with this phone. Having a robust, IP68 dust/water resistance and
- MIL-STD-810G compliant feature set helps.


Fujifilm X-T3

The Fujifilm X-T3. A camera which I believe has given me enough headroom to grow deeper into the photographic journey which I am wriggling through ever so slowly. A beast of a camera in a form factor which is easy on the eye and equally pleasant to use.